“When corporations support the right causes in the right ways ... both the companies and the causes they support reap important benefits.”  - Michael Porter, HBR

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Corporate Social Responsibility can unleash the potential of organizations by energizing key stakeholders, improving loyalty and retention, enhancing personal satisfaction and establishing trust. In our speaking sessions we present the business case for connecting corporate social responsibility with employee and customers engagement, outline the guidelines for developing strategic programs that engage stakeholders and demonstrate how business can move forward by giving back; increasing the return on (social) investment.

Members of the ORENDA team frequently conduct corporate key note speaking engagements, private workshops, and information sessions at academic institutions on the topics of Strategic CSR.


Peggie Pelosi, successful executive, entrepreneur, author and speaker knows first hand that strategic corporate philanthropy is good for business.   In her presentations on “Corporate Karma” Peggie balances practical information with insights about how companies can enrich the human spirit and create inspirational workplaces.

Peggie is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and The National Speakers Association.

Corporate Karma: How Business can Move Forward by Giving Back

Corporate culture, simply stated, is “the way we do things around here.” This simple idea has the power to paralyze companies, stall their ability to get where they want to be or propel them to new heights. Corporate philanthropy can unleash the potential of organizations by energizing employees, improving loyalty and retention, enhancing personal satisfaction and establishing trust.

In this presentation, Peggie Pelosi establishes the case for corporate philanthropy, shares strategies for creating the right match, and lays out what it takes to create action plans that deliver meaningful results. Peggie uses case studies to highlight strategies for success with examples from some of the most inspiring recent corporate cause partnerships.

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The Emotional Profit Center: Weaving CSR into the fabric of your brand

While companies are aware of the importance of communicating their social responsibility to external audiences, they often overlook their most important target—their very own employees. In order to maximize a company’s social contributions, there must be a plan to leverage the company’s philanthropy strategy to create more inspirational workplaces. The right internal communications strategy will galvanize employees around a powerful social issue that reflects the company’s values. Do your employees know about your corporate philanthropy partners? Are these messages coming from the right source? Are there opportunities for employees to roll up their sleeves and pitch in? Would your employees be willing to make a contribution—either by participating in an event, offering their skills or making a donation, to the company’s cause? Peggie Pelosi leads you through the key steps to ensure that your corporate philanthropy initiatives create a positive corporate culture, including:

  • Creating a Signature cause program with cross functional leadership
  • Connecting the company in a focused way to a relevant cause
  • Creating employee engagement opportunities including events, hands on support and contributions
  • Reaching employees at every level, regardless of location and language using existing internal communications tools
  • Measuring results and effectiveness for your company and the cause you’re supporting

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Finding your True North: Making a difference while you’re making a living

There are so many great charities doing important work. There are so many causes that are in need of support. How do you decide how to allocate your resources to make a difference?

Wading through the endless requests from charities asking for support, friends asking for sponsorships for their charitable “athons”, the golf tournaments, silent auctions and galas that you feel obligated to participate in - can be overwhelming, confusing, fatiguing and expensive! How do you make a difference within your budget, and decide how YOU want to make a difference?

Whether you are an individual, organization, or corporation – discovering a True North giving strategy allows you to focus your giving on an issue that resonates for you and allows you to experience the tangible impact your contributions of time, skill and money are making to the cause.

In this presentation, designed for individuals, companies and organizations, Peggie Pelosi provides a framework for identifying a cause that can become your True North for giving.

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Designing a FRAMEwork® for engaging CSR

This workshop, designed for business leaders and their teams, walks through the ORENDA FRAMEwork™ Process.

This process includes the identification of a focused and relevant cause partnership, the metrics for social and business impact as well as strategies for stakeholder engagement. Participants have the opportunity to collaborate and develop the blueprint for their corporate philanthropy program, with the benefit of a professional facilitator to coach them through the process.

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From Collecting to Collaborating: The new corporate-cause partnerships

This presentation, designed for non-profit leaders, describes how great corporate-cause partnerships are about much more than giving and receiving money. They are about meshing missions, resources and skills to create a win-win-win – for the company, the non-profit and the world.

Peggie Pelosi identifies how non-profits need to “show up” for potential corporate partners, replete with real examples and case studies of programs that work.

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“In short, your message is so important, your approach inspiring and your delivery brilliant! Thank you for all you do. I look forward to sharing the stage with you again!”


“ ... your professionalism, wisdom, knowledge and compassion captured our attention and moved us to action. You are a brilliant storyteller! It is by weaving your message through the stories you tell that you are able to take the audience on a journey with you that is both thought provoking and relevant. Your ability to integrate the value of corporate philanthropy into the Business Development model is a timely and compelling message. Both as a Master of Ceremonies at the Fundraising lunch and as a speaker on the Main Stage the next day, your grace and charisma on stage is a welcome addition to our events, and we look forward to inviting you back.”


“...Importantly, you did more than inspire the audience. Your powerful presentation also gave the audience the practical tools they need to become engaged.. People left the room knowing that they needed to become involved and eager to spread the word. Most importantly, people felt proud, and were excited to link arms with each other in support of a very worthy cause.

The time has come for a redefinition of corporate philanthropy. Business leaders want to know how to “do well by doing good.” Your personal experience as a successful entrepreneur, business leader and corporate philanthropy consultant makes you perfectly positioned to lead the charge.

In short, your message is so important, your approach inspiring and your delivery brilliant! Thank you for all you do. I look forward to sharing the stage with you again! ”


Denis Waitley, Ph.D.
Best-selling author and President, The Waitley Institute



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