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Order Corporate Karma

In this new book Corporate Karma; how business can move forward by giving back, Peggie Pelosi lays out the “why to” and “how to” for successful strategic corporate philanthropy.

100% of net proceeds of Corporate Karma are donated to a number of foundations and humanitarian organizations that support local and international leadership and economic development programs for women and children.



  “Peggie Pelosi brings her unique experience of building the reputation, culture and revenues of a major corporation with leadership skills that include corporate philanthropy. Her message is a unique one, complete with practical advice- showing us how to succeed in a way that inspires.”  

Dr. Lance H.K. Secretan
The Secretan Center


“Corporate Karma is a terrific message for business leaders, clearly showing how corporate culture can be positively impacted when philanthropy is at the root of a business mission.”


Jeffrey Flug
CEO, Millennium Promise Alliance


“I liked this book; it's topical, timely, and reader friendly. By that I mean I found it easy to want to keep reading. I don't necessarily like every book I recommend. Sometimes, I recommend a book that's good for you, sort of like eating liver. Well, this little book is good for you and it 'tastes great.”


Cynthia Barlow
President, Constellation Learning
Host, Synthology radio