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Employee Engagement and Corporate Philanthropy - Volume 4, Spring 2008
The Emotional Profit Centre™ - Volume 3, October 2007
Compassionate Conservation - Volume 2, May 2007
The ORENDA Connection - Volume 1, Spring 2007




  Corporate Karma  
  Corporate Karma  
  In this new book Corporate Karma; how business can move forward by giving back, Peggie Pelosi lays out the “why to” and “how to” for successful strategic corporate philanthropy  
  “Real living is not about tolerating the moments of work along the journey to retirement in order to build a fat retirement fund. The point of life is not to slave away to the age of 65 and then say, ‘Phew! Glad that’s over!’ We are destined to live each moment joyfully, passionately, a nd in the service of others. This is a definition of bliss, and bliss is an essential requirement of the soul-whether at work or at play.”  
Lance Secretan,
Inspire! What Great Leaders Do