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The ORENDA Process™ will lead you through 5 key steps to ensure that your corporate philanthropy initiatives create an Emotional Profit Center™, allowing you to:

  • Build trust and loyalty
  • Attract and retain great talent
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The Emotional Profit Center™
Corporate culture, simply stated, is “the way we do things around here.” This simple idea has the power to paralyze companies, stall their ability to get where they want to be or propel them to new heights.
When employees are given the opportunity to link arms and make a difference together, they become inspired. They are coming to work for more than a paycheck. They are able to extend the company’s mission ”beyond the balance sheet”. Trust and loyalty increases. They develop a sense of pride for their employer.  The result is an Emotional Profit Center™.

The Emotional Profit Center™ is the “sweetspot” where corporate social responsibility meets corporate social strategy: where financial interests coincide with environmental, philanthropic and social interests. It is what connects people to the places they work, far beyond their paycheck.

The Emotional Profit Center™ can maximize the potential of organizations by:

  • energizing employees through trust and loyalty
  • improving the opportunity to attract and retain great talent
  • Improving cross-functional communication and collaboration
  • Improving team working and creative thinking skills
  • increasing productivity  
  • Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The ORENDA Process™
While companies are aware of the importance of communicating their social responsibility to external audiences, they often overlook their most important target—their very own employees. In order to maximize a company’s social contributions, there must be a plan to leverage the company’s philanthropy strategy to create more inspirational workplaces. The right internal communications strategy will galvanize employees around a powerful social issue that reflects the company’s values. Do your employees know about your corporate philanthropy partners? Are these messages coming from the right source? Are there opportunities for employees to roll up their sleeves and pitch in? Would your employees be willing to make a contribution—either by participating in an event, offering their skills or making a donation, to the company’s cause? The ORENDA Process leads you through the 5 key steps to ensure that your corporate philanthropy initiatives create an Emotional Profit Center™, including:

  • Creating leadership driven philanthropy
  • Connecting the company in a focused way to a relevant cause
  • Creating employee engagement opportunities including events, hands on support, volunteer opportunities and contributions
  • Reaching employees regularly at every level, regardless of location and language using existing internal communications tools
  • Measuring results and effectiveness for your company and the cause you’re supporting

The ORENDA Index™
Corporate philanthropy, done well, results in both tangible and intangible results for the company. The intangible benefits can be described as the “warm glow” that results from an inspired workplace environment.

The tangible results are:

  • The ability to attract great talent
  • Increased trust and loyalty in the workplace
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

The ORENDA Index™ is a measurement tool for identifying how these tangible results are directly impacted by your corporate philanthropy program.

For more information contact us at: info@orendaconnections.com


“ORENDA was able to help us take our good intentions and energy and focus it in such a way as to have a dramatic effect on our philanthropic program.  With some amazingly strategic advice, Peggie was able to help us see what literally was right in front of us and in so doing has catapulted our program into a core part of the way people in our company think of us in relation to the world!”