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Corporate Karma

Corporate KarmaThe most successful companies worldwide are driven by a purpose and mission that go well beyond their balance sheet. Corporate Karma is a book for business leaders looking to discover, unleash and harness their companies emotional profit center through a strategic corporate philanthropy program.

It is first of all a why-to book. In the first part Peggie Pelosi shares her own story of coming to see how companies can give back and move forward. This part of the book goes on to help business leaders find their company’s soul and challenges them to make it manifest in the workplace and in the world through giving, with intention, to a worthy, relevant cause. It shows that companies can achieve a shift in collective consciousness, create inspiration in the workplace, why this is important and the effect it has on all concerned.

This book is also a how-to book. The second part of the book shows how to meaningfully integrate a corporate philanthropy program into the workplace. It gives the reader a step-by-step guide for creating a strategic philanthropy program and embedding it into the corporate culture.

The third, and final, part of the book is a colorful tapestry of attitudes and actions regarding giving together as companies. The reader will hear the voices of the young employees of the future who are entering companies with a philanthropic philosophy already in place, of former business executives who are exiting the corporate world for more meaningful work and of non-profit leaders. All of these people and groups offer different perspectives on the best and most meaningful ways to connect company and cause. The final chapter is a collection of inspiring real-life stories from great companies who are doing well while doing good.

100% of net proceeds of Corporate Karma are donated to a number of foundations and humanitarian organizations that support local and international leadership and economic development programs for women and children.

Peggie Pelosi inspires business and non-profit leaders as a speaker. In her presentations on “Corporate Karma” Peggie balances practical information with insights about how companies can enrich the human spirit and create inspirational workplaces, and how non-profits can become “corporate ready”.  The principles of Corporate Karma lay the foundation for the ORENDA process.

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  “Peggie Pelosi brings her unique experience of building the reputation, culture and revenues of a major corporation with leadership skills that include corporate philanthropy. Her message is a unique one, complete with practical advice- showing us how to succeed in a way that inspires.”  

Dr. Lance H.K. Secretan
The Secretan Center

  “When corporate-community giving is an extension of what your business stands for, employees become engaged and inspired. Concentric circles of benevolence ripple out to suppliers, communities and local non-profits, and everyone benefits. Corporate Karma outlines a practical blueprint for any business leader to follow.”  

Brad Shaw, SVP, Corporate Communications and External Affairs
The Home Depotl