“When corporations support the right causes in the right ways ... both the companies and the causes they support reap important benefits.”  - Michael Porter, HBR

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The Buzz:

“The results have been absolutely incredible. This work with ORENDA has dramatically increased the level of engagement in our organization towards our chosen philanthropic activities. As people have gotten involved from all parts of our organization towards a single cause, we have seen morale and employee satisfaction increase. With the help of ORENDA, we have seen the benefits of aligning and focusing our charitable efforts on one specific cause. It has been hugely beneficial to our company culture.”

Cameron Hay, CEO, Unitron

"ORENDA was able to help us take our good intentions and energy and focus it in such a way as to have a dramatic effect on our philanthropic program. Peggie was able to see what literally was right in front of us and in so doing has catapulted our program into a core part of the way people in our company think of us in relation to the world. The result has been that we have been able to include our employees, customers and our vendor partners in our mission. Softchoice was recently recognized by Hewlett Packard for a Corporate Social Responsibility award at the America’s Partner Conference! Thanks ORENDA!"

Nick Foster, SVP Business Development, Softchoice

“ORENDA is a valuable resource when it comes to social responsibility. Highly knowledgeable and passionate about companies doing good things for the community at large, Peggie Pelosi brings a great perspective to her work. At Roots Canada, Peggie proved an excellent collaborator and attentive listener who quickly understood the values, heritage and culture of our company. She is an astute, creative thinker who is extremely helpful with companies like Roots looking to forge ahead in their initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility.”

Robert Sarner, Director of Communication and Public Affairs, ROOTS

“I would like to say what a pleasure it’s been working with Peggie...finding extra time to devote to creating a community investment initiative like this isn’t easy. It was really ORENDA that drove the ship... it’s you Peggie who made this happen”

Don Green, Co-founder, ROOTS at the launch of ROOTS Cares, April 2009

"I was particularly impressed with the energy and passion Peggie put into our partnership with Chilren’s Hunger Fund. This endeavor captured the hearts and minds of the USANA family worldwide. It enriched our culture and working environment, attracted and retained customers, supported growth in sales and ultimately contributed to a significant rise in the economic value of the corporation."

Dr. Myron Wentz, Chairman, USANA Health Sciences

“Nycomed Canada’s experience with ORENDA was both positive and rewarding. We noted how well connected ORENDA was to the specific causes we investigated, and the decision process was very collaborative. The final result has been extremely well received, and it connects our company to this important cause. The events which we have so far participated have been well organized and extremely motivating to our employees. The match to our culture is excellent as well. ORENDA was an excellent partner in this process and allowed us to be introduced to the right cause to align ourselves with. The process was interesting, and ORENDA was very responsive and pleasant to deal with.”

John Suk, President & CEO, Nycomed Canada

For more feedback from our clients and partners, please visit :www.youtube.com/watch?v=SldKJDETPUU

“In 2010, after an internal survey disclosed how important corporate social involvement is to our employees, we all agreed that while continuing to be involved in our own communities and non-profits of choice, the different units should also combine efforts & energies and embrace one common cause. That’s when we turned to Orenda in order to benefit from their experience. Orenda’s team and more specifically Michael, guided us step by step through all the stages of our new project.

Amongst many other things, he helped us:

  • Define our mission
  • Find a meaningful name for our CSR program
  • Select a cause that employees would embrace & feel connected to, no matter what country they’re in
  • Build a corporate-wide structure that facilitates friendly competition between the sister companies
  • Suggest fund-raising activities and tools to track results…

Michael led the project and ensured that we were on track to achieve our goal. He kept us motivated and focused and handled every situation with tact and diplomacy. And all the efforts paid off! Our first year was a big success as we not only reached our goal but even exceeded it! Thanks for a wonderful and edifying experience!”

Lyne Brousseau, Financial Director, Nutri-Health Supplements

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Pelosi and the ORENDA team for the past two years. Michael has helped us create a unique and strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) program for MCO health and all our sister companies! Michael is an engine of inspiration and has held our hand through the entire process, ensuring that our newly created “Growing Together” CSR program is focused, relevant, aligned with our business objectives, measureable, and engaging. This program has been a great success, not only for our employees here in the Netherlands, but for all employees worldwide. Michael has done an excellent job integrating our “Growing Together” program internationally, delicately embracing the unique cultures of both our European and North American partners. Working with Michael and the ORENDA team has been an absolutely wonderful experience! We look forward to continuing to work with ORENDA and creating a real social impact!”

Nicoline Mooij, HR Manager, MCO Health BV

"ORENDA helped us create a CSR program that has been successful beyond expectation. In our kick-off year, without any previous experience and with the guidance and leadership of ORENDA, we’ve seen a significant impact of our new CSR program on team building, employee engagement, and morale. We are also on track to surpass our fundraising goal for our selected cause, exceeding expectations as a result of the passion and purpose the program has sparked within our employees. This team building experience goes beyond our own company and includes team building amongst sister companies, as we’ve all been able to come together in a unified way to support a common cause. Our joint efforts even in this first year will lead to a significant and tangible impact on the health and well being of children in need. Michael is a versatile and efficient leader, with the ability to present a CSR framework clearly while moving things forward and in our case orchestrating a strong and cohesive CSR program over a number of companies and in a number of different countries. We are proud to now have a very successful CSR program as part of our company culture.”

Joy Devins, VP Business Development, Pure Encapsulations

For more feedback from our clients and partners, please visit :www.youtube.com/watch?v=SldKJDETPUU





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