“When corporations support the right causes in the right ways ... both the companies and the causes they support reap important benefits.”  - Michael Porter, HBR

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“ the most extraordinary transformation happened as we watched over 200 of our people who had walked into the room as skeptics, walk out two hours later... inspired, motivated and with a new sense of connection to Spectrum Health Care. Your guidance, eloquent delivery and organization made the entire event a huge success. The acute instinct and awareness you have for what needs to happen to move the audience to action was very apparent, and the results of the evening far exceeded our expectations. Thanks again. We look forward to the next event!”

Lori Lord
COO- Spectrum Health Care

“... your professionalism, wisdom, knowledge and compassion captured our attention and moved us to action. You are a brilliant storyteller! It is by weaving your message through the stories you tell that you are able to take the audience on a journey with you that is both thought provoking and relevant. Your ability to integrate the value of corporate philanthropy into the Business Development model is a timely and compelling message. Both as a Master of Ceremonies at the Fundraising lunch and as a speaker on the Main Stage the next day, your grace and charisma on stage is a welcome addition to our events, and we look forward to inviting you back.”

Jim Pierce
COO - Isagenix International

“...Importantly, you did more than inspire the audience. Your powerful presentation also gave the audience the practical tools they need to become engaged.. People left the room knowing that they needed to become involved and eager to spread the word. Most importantly, people felt proud, and were excited to link arms with each other in support of a very worthy cause.

The time has come for a redefinition of corporate philanthropy. Business leaders want to know how to “do well by doing good.” Your personal experience as a successful entrepreneur, business leader and corporate philanthropy consultant makes you perfectly positioned to lead the charge.

In short, your message is so important, your approach inspiring and your delivery brilliant! Thank you for all you do. I look forward to sharing the stage with you again!”

Denis Waitley, Ph.D.
Best-selling author and President, The Waitley Institute

“Peggie Pelosi not only looks like, sounds like and is a successful business person, she has an uncanny knack of inspirationally magnetizing her audience with her passion, intelligence, authenticity and eloquence.”

Jake McArthur
President - Cairncrest Leadership Coaching

“Michael is a delight to work with and was a fantastic guest speaker at the CPRS 360 – All Things Connected event. He eloquently shared his insights, views and experiences with students about CSR public relations. Michael’s poise and intelligence kept students engaged and intrigued. He inspired and motivated students about the importance of incorporating CSR into organizations and provided a variety of valuable examples students were able to relate to and learn from. It was an absolute pleasure having Michael speak at the CPRS event and I look forward to working with him again in the future!”

Laura M. Smith
Student Steering Committee Member - Speakers & Sessions
Canadian Public Relations Society, Inc.

“Michael was a great speaker at our CSR Public Relations event at York University. He incorporated many corporate examples of CSR promotion and was very personable. Michael is definitely an inspiring speaker and very good at what he does.”

Amiee Wu,
hired Michael as a York University CSSA Speaker

“Michael was an amazing speaker at the event hosted by Students for Corporate Social Responsibility (SCSR) at Queen's University. He was able to connect with the students and share his knowledge in the context of our topic: CSR & The Media. Michael was able to engage students and had a great attitude, which contributed to a positive atmosphere throughout the day. It was definitely a pleasure to have Michael at our event and we hope to collaborate with him again soon!”

Farah Lalani,
hired Michael as Queens University SCSR Speaker

"Thank you for the engaging and interesting presentation. I believe my team enjoyed it and found the info valuable. You presented well and your passion shone through. Hope we can do more in the future. Bravo to ORENDA!

Karen Goldenberg, President and C.E.O., JVS Toronto





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