“When corporations support the right causes in the right ways ... both the companies and the causes they support reap important benefits.”  - Michael Porter, HBR

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Leaders Speak Out On ORENDA:

"ORENDA was able to help us take our good intentions and energy and focus it in such a way as to have a dramatic effect on our philanthropic program.  With some amazingly strategic advice, Peggie was able to help us see what literally was right in front of us and in so doing has catapulted our program into a core part of the way people in our company think of us in relation to the world!"

Nick Foster, SVP Mergers and Acquisitions, Softchoice Corporation

"I was particularly impressed with the energy and passion Peggie put into our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund. This endeavor captured the hearts and minds of the Usana family world-wide. It enriched our culture and working environment, attracted and retained customers, supported growth in sales and ultimately contributed to the significant rise in the economic value of the corporation."

Dr. Myron Wentz, Chairman and CEO, Usana Health Sciences

"Thank you so much for the enormous contribution you made to the successful launch of our philanthropy program. The most extraordinary transformation happened as we watched over 200 of our people who had walked into the room as skeptics, walk out two hours later…inspired, motivated and with a new sense of connection to Spectrum Health Care."

Lori Lord, COO, Spectrum Health Care.

"Your professionalism, wisdom, knowledge and compassion captured out attention and moved us to action…Your ability to integrate the value of corporate philanthropy into the business development model is a timely and compelling message."

Jim Pierce, COO, Isagenix International.

"This is such a win/win/win project for all involved, and ORENDA’s work - helping CEF organize their efforts made it easy for us to partner with them. Thank you again!"

Peggy Willett, Director, Community and Industry Support, Getty Images.




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